Natura in CampoNatura in CampoNatura in CampoNatura in CampoNatura in Campo

Natura in Campo

Atlas of the typical and traditional products of the Parks of Latium

a cura della Regione Lazio Agenzia Regionale Parchi

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Ottobre 2009

Cartonato olandese
23x23 cm

204 pagine
Lingua Italiano

285 Illustrazioni
ISBN 9788860602350

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Ottobre, 2009

Reading this pubblication, dedicated to local and traditional products "launched" by the system of protected areas of the Region of Latium, offers many opportunities. Firstly, because it intends to be a quick guide to help potential visitors to discover the natural, historical and archaeological richness of the Parks, but above all to show them the profusion of agricultural and food and wine's products offered by there areas. Second, because tle Atlas is also able to highlight the role that good protection policies can deliver, both in the maintenance of biodiversity and in the transmission of all the cultural values enclosed within protected areas. It is increasingly rooted, in fact, the belief that in the territories under protection, in addition to the obiectives of conservation, the integration of natural resources and their use by human communities should be promoted, and thus the developmnet of economic and social environmentally compatible activities should be supported. A harmonious relationship with the natural environment, a responsible use of water, soil and energy, the promotion of agriculture and tourism, the enhancement of the traditions, culture and typical local products, are some of the issues on which the protected natural areas of Latium are directing their attention, resources and activities. In these areas, most of which insist on rural areas, agriculture and food domain has a great potential to achieve a sustainable development in both the environmental and economic fields, as it represents an essential element to maintain the social structure and the historical-cultural tradition of the single local communities. This compartment is the same time producer of goods - and therefore interested in the use of natural resources - and provider of services useful for the environmental protection, as well as a guardian of traditional activities which are bearing a wealth of customs and practices to be preserved and anhanced. 

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