Art Tasting

Art Tasting

Mythological, symbolic, spiritual and metaphysical wine culture in Rome's public collections

Cesare Biagini Selvaggi

Brossura filorefe
16.5 x 23 cm - 271gr

104 pagine
Lingua Inglese

50 Illustrazioni
ISBN 0004-3205

€ 14.00
Dicembre, 2003

This pubblication is about the wonderful subject of wine and its representation in figurative arts throughout the centuries. It was developen in order to spread knowledge and to promote the appreciation of "Brunello di Montalcino" - one of the great wine "icons" of  our country. A careful and concrete evaluation of the Italian experience which transform Nature's gifts into exceptional products by its ability to develop them to perfection, makes this wine a true "work of art".This art of transformation is an undeniable cultural fact embraced by a tradition that has made eating and drinking a reference point qualifying both behaviour and mentalité.

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